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Ready Seal

Ready Seal | Super Source Stain Supply - Flower Mound, TX

Super Source Stain Supply is your SOURCE for READY SEAL, and we’re not exaggerating. When you want the best locally-produced, professional grade wood sealant and stain, we’re the people to see. Flower Mound, TX deserves only the best, and we’re ready to deliver just that.

• Deck Stain—Ready Seal stains are high-quality and easy to apply. Once you’ve treated your deck, you’ll be amazed at the difference Ready Seal makes. Your deck will look vastly improved, and it will resist exposure far better than unstained wood.

• Fence Stain—Whether you’re trying to keep things in or out, you don’t want your fences falling apart. Ready Seal works wonders on fences, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood and sealing them tightly against wear and damage.

• Other Uses—Ready Sealis appropriate for use on any outdoor wood construction, including trellises, arbors, gazebos, and even log cabins. Whenever wood needs to be protected, Ready Seal is on the job.

• Colors—There are seven shades of Ready Seal stain, allowing you to pick the one that is perfect for your needs. These colors can also be mixed together for nearly endless combinations. Ready Staindries to a durable, flat, semi-transparent finish that lets the original look of the wood shine through.

• Protection—Ready Seal protects wood from water and algae, and also from damaging UV radiation. UV light from the sun is the source of most weathering and can age wood significantly if it is not protected.

• Locally Produced—Ready Seal is a local product. When Flower Mound buys local, it helps people and businesses you know, and keeps money in the community.

You can trust Ready Seal products to keep your outdoor wood construction in prime condition, and you can trust Super Source Stain Supply to provide you with the best selection of Ready Seal around. Whatever you use it for, you won’t regret making the purchase. Contact Super Source Stain Supply, and let us get you in business!